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Take a Knee


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A 17-year-old boy was playing football when he was tackled and pinned under
a few players after the ball was fumbled and a pile-on ensued.  He complains only of right knee pain and swelling.  The boy is otherwise healthy, has normal vital signs, and his total body check shows no other evidence of trauma.

On examination, he has a mild effusion of the right knee and is neurovascularly intact.  Due to the patient’s pain, further knee stress testing is deferred until analgesia is offered and radiography is performed:
He improves with pain medication, and the other components of his knee examination are either inconclusive or non-confirmatory.  Which of the following is the BEST
management approach:

    A. Crutches, weight bear as tolerated
    B. Knee immobilizer, primary care follow up
    C. Knee immobilizer, orthopedic follow up
    D. CT arthrogram

In the meantime, a quote – 

La notte che le cose ci nasconde.

[The night that hides things from us.]

– Durante (Dante) degli Alighieri (1265-1321)
   Canto XXIII, La Divina Commedia


Sean link
06/12/2013 10:30am

This one is subtle... but very important! Love it!


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